Family members caring for their loved ones.....
It’s been said that “the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.”
When handled in the right way, caring for a loved one can bring meaning and pleasure—to both you, the caregiver, and to the person you’re caring for.
We’re under no illusions here at Personal Choice Carers at Home how hard it is for family members to care for their loved ones. We see it frequently.
We’re so lucky to have the pleasure of being invited into the homes of some of these people, to assist and hopefully support them in their new way of life.
Unfortunately, as per normal, these family members aren’t given the recognition they deserve. Many of them have put their own lives on hold so that their wives, mothers, husbands and fathers, family members, even friends, are given the care and quality of life that they deserve.
We would just like to say, well done to you ALL, and thank you for allowing us to work alongside you and support you. Our Service Users are so important to us, but so are you!